The Apocalypse Option

5) Explosive Finale

Jason Vasil's PoV of Story 5

Did he just launch a freaking grenade at us? Who does that?!?

I lifted up the foraged Remington that Kevin handed me and took aim at their Leader. Kevin’s advice that the gun only possessed a half clip ran through my mind. I don’t plan on using the gun really, but I assumed that it would be a slap in the face to be injured by one of your own men’s weapon.

The grenade soared towards my allies on the ground, but Kevin moved to intercept the projectile. He lifted his shield, and with a face full of focus, he shifted it to his desired angle. He let loose a condescending smile, and using a left-handed backswing, he launched the projectile back towards the group of centaurs. “Catch!” He remarked gleefully.

The grenade launched over the centaurs’ heads and landed in the center of the mortal mob behind them. The bikers were instantly set ablaze, running around doing everything they could to subdue the flames. It was about now that I wished I could summon a rain storm. They’d think I’d be doing them a favor, until the water touched their skin, then their screams would most certainly go up a few octaves.

Seeking to distract Kevin from their leader’s grenades, the rest of the centaurs pounced on him. Shotgun shells, chainsaws, etc. All expertly dodged by Kevin. Their leader fired off a grenade, interwoven within the barrage of attacks, but it seems Kevin was ready for it. He pivoted back like a tennis player, simultaneously evading the shotgun blast, and deflected the grenade to a building to my right. Erm… Maybe I’m not safe here.

A metallic sheen overtook Tristan’s skin as he flew up through my line of sight and there, numerous yards above me, he drew his guns and took aim at their leader. That gave me an idea. Seeing a perfect opportunity to get off a crippling shot on their leader, I launched myself off the apex of the cross and vaulted over the battlefield, away from the explosion of the building that was near me.

Mid-vault, I timed my rotations so that when my body hung upside-down, facing my starting position, I got the perfect angle I desired. I calmly pulled the trigger, and landed a crippling blow into the back of his neck. Blood and what looked like oil splattered out of his throat, soiling the ground in front of him. I continued my rotation and, towards the end of my vault, I held out my arm possessing the Remington and spun. I dropped the gun when I knew the momentum would carry it onto the building, and willed my bow to materialize. I nimbly landed in a kneeling position, arms outstretched, and head down, facing away from the carnage of the battle behind me.

From my peripherals, I saw Tim calmly take a swig of his saké, and then his body transformed into the portrait of a red-skinned horned-demon of legend. Afterwards, he simultaneously drew his twin pistols and fired them, one after the other, at the leader. The first pinged off the guy’s head, but the delayed second shot scored home in the now exposed neck of the leader, curious as to whom fired at him the first time. Tristan apparently determined that we weren’t killing the mob as quickly as he liked, and fear for the collateral damage to the town had him lowering his gun. He then yelled out instructions for us to follow to end this quickly.

Kevin was to charge the leader, and vault over him at the last second. He was to grab the leader head as he passed, and carry it with him, exposing the guy’s neck. Tristan and Tim were to fire onto the weakened, exposed neck. Simultaneously damaging him and launching him forward, helping Kevin to overhead throw the guy towards me. And while the guy was midair, unable to dodge a shot, I was to plug him with arrows.

The battle plan required us to act instantaneously, one after the other, but if we could follow through with it then I believe it will land the finishing blow on this guy. With him dead, we could round up the rest and finally leave this loathsome town of purgatory. I was ready to go home.

The puff of a grenade leaving its barrel brought me spinning around to the battlefield. I saw Kevin charge towards the trajectory of the grenade, reaching it at the last second. He swung his shield around and deflected the grenade, but his positioning caused him to not get the ideal shot. The grenade soared past the Leader, missing him by inches. It continued on and flew towards the building directly behind the head centaur.

The building… I was currently standing on…


I kicked my Remington off, then was forced to nimbly vault off the building before the grenade hit, using the force of the explosion to launch me elegantly into the air. I hope me doing dynamic near-escapes from explosions doesn’t become an everyday thing, I thought calmly, all the while nocking two arrows and training them onto the head centaur.

I was in a mid-air vault, and Kevin was way out of position. We’re not able to pull off our planned assault. Not only that, but the centaurs were preparing another attack, their own coordinated assault aimed at me seeing as how I was now unable to dodge their attacks. Tristan took this all in, then yelled something to Tim.

Tristan Closed his eyes and took a deep breath, after a second his eyes flashed open and he fired a shot at the leader, the bullet traveled with alarming accuracy, bouncing off his head. The blow didn’t pierce the guys skin, but I don’t think Tristan wanted it to, The blunt shot crashed into the Centaur’s face, forcing him to recoil, his neck snapping back.

Tim let out a sadistic laugh and lifted his slightly glowing guns. The air exploded with the sounds of gunfire as he double-tap the guy in his bared throat, the bullets driving into the creature’s exposed neck, leaving it a bloody mess and launching the centaur backwards into the air. Right into my line of sight.

I was currently directly above him, his face contorted in pain, his mouth open in a scream, silent thanks to his mutilated vocal cords. I Put some slack in my draw string, starting to feel pity for the guy, until I thought about all the wrongs that he have done.

His race has enslaved mechanics from multiple towns to work maintenance on their bodies, then probably killed them afterwards. They have kidnapped and humiliated scores of barely-legal girls, forcing them to be half naked and to slave over them, if not raping them outright. They had probably tried to breathe new life into their dying species, slaughtering humans and defenseless bikes by the dozens. And worse of all, they are all working under the hand of the Titans, their plan, to kill us all. Unforgivable.

I stared down at the man, thoughts of vengeance empowering me as I pulled back the drawstrings as far as they could go. He would not escape me… His sins were unforgivable, and by the power of my arrows, I will send him straight to Tartarus. I took a deep breath, and closed my eyes…

Lady Artemis… Please lend me your strength. I hunt the worst kind of prey known to man. I hunt a creature who himself preys upon innocent mortals. He has broken sacred laws and committed heinous atrocities. For that, I ask you to guide my arrows, to make their twin bites sink into this creatures flesh so deeply that he is purged from this world.

I felt a moment of clarity take over me. With eyes all too keen, I focused down the sight of my arrows, and released them with a sound escaping me akin to a hawks cry. They flew as if in slow motion, weaving through the smoke filled air to sink their teeth into their mark. Their path carried them into the battlefield, where they flew through the open mouth of the head centaur, piercing him through the brain and sticking out the top of his skull to look like devil horns. Or maybe it more so resembles a deer’s stubs, seeing as how deer were prey, just like the race of centaurs were.

My vault sent me back onto the steeple of the church, where I witnessed the head centaur explode into a cloud of red mist. I looked up to the sky and closed my eyes. Thank you, mother.

The remaining 3 centaurs stared wide-eyed at the mist that was all that remained of their leader. They looked at each other, then turned to run. But there were too many bodies and buildings for them to flee like they did before. We quickly caught them and sent them to Tartarus behind their leader.

Seeing that the encounter was finally over, I scavenged the battlefield, picking up a few extra Remingtons and ammo for it while I tried to locate mine. After finally finding it, I returned to the group and saw their eyes on a burning building. It hit me that there was where our van had been stored. “Fate… You’re a bitch…”

I felt an odd tingling upon the back of my neck. I noticed then that it had grown much darker than it had been a minute ago. I looked up and paled… Black clouds had gathered, covering the sky within the last few seconds. At the center of the sky, above Town Square, was a cluster of ominous purple clouds. Then suddenly they parted, like an eye opening in the sky.

Where the sky parted, light shone forth, illuminating Town Square in a sharp contrast of darkness and light. I felt my hair stand up on end and had a metallic taste in my mouth. It came as no surprise when lightning flashed through the clearing of the clouds, striking the ground to turn the sand into a kaleidoscope of blackened glass.

At the center of the blast stood a spry man, wearing a leather jacket and a pair of bright red chuck tailors. He possessed a messenger bag hanging over his shoulder. He raised his head and took us into his gaze. “Finally, you guys made it.” Um… what?

He reached into his bag and drew a scroll from within. “I’ve been looking for you guys forever… You have all been summoned to your respected parent’s presence. I advise you make haste.”

Idk who this guy thinks he is, but he has a lot of nerve waiting to show his presence until AFTER all the fighting was done. But as I fumed internally, he shifted his eyes to Kevin and proclaimed “Hello, son, it’s been awhile…”


Dude, this is awesome. I was like, “I knocked back some grenades and everyone shot a bunch of folks.” This is by far the best write-up of any of the games so far.

5) Explosive Finale

Ty :D

Being the last one for the game for a while, I though to make it look better than it was.

Except for the aftermath of the fight, I was sleepy and just went with the obvious

5) Explosive Finale

Edited the “Coordinated” assault on here. I knew I was forgetting something… and it was that some of us channeled our virtues and spent legend to get the bonus successes.

So I worked them into the story.

5) Explosive Finale

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