Timothy Tamashi Dorodo

half blood Asian with a temper yet smart and devoted.


Name: Timothy Tamashi Dorobo Calling: Guardian Pantheon: Amatsukami
Player: Leon Nature: Architect God: Raiden

Strength: 3/0 Charisma: 2/0 Perception: 4/2
Dexterity*: 5/3 Manipulation: 1/0 Intelligence: 4/1
Stamina: 4/2 Appearance*: 4/1 Wits: 2/0

Science (Technology)* -3

(*=Favored by god)

Boons: Sky: Wind’s Freedom, Storm Augmentation. Guardian: Aegis, Ward. Tsukumo-Gami: None

Knacks: Crowd Goes Wild, Ricochet Symphony, Body Armor, Self Heal, Broad Spectrum Reception, Rarefied Electromagnetic Perception, Cats Grace, Language Mastery, Serpents Gaze

Sukaigadain – grants access to the Sky and Guardian purviews.
Eyes of the storm – twin peacemakers handed down from father to son. (infinite ammo, increased damage, Faster speed, Change size and shape)

Willpower: 6
Dodge: 9
Parry: 6
Join Battle: 5
Soak: 6/4/2
Legend: 4

Armor: Bulletproof Vest 2/2/0

Virtues: Duty 1/0, Intellect 2/0, Endurance 3/0, Valor 3/0


Growing up half-Japanese with an American mother in America was pretty rough, but it’s the main reason I am who I am. My mother was well off in the income department so we didn’t have much trouble surviving with just the two of us. In the early years of her work career she did a lot of traveling so she sent me to a boarding school so I could get my education and have a place to stay when she was gone. it sucked but she made up with giving me the newest technology available every time she came back.

Playing with my new toys helped me find out my gift with all things electronic. And having the ability to hack into the school mainframe to change a few grades that i didn’t like was the only reason I stayed with it. After graduating I took a job with a small security company, trained up a little with firearms and unarmed combat and made them a lot of money with my techno skills.

The day I met my father brought out some of my anger but at the same time I found some humor in it. It helped that he gave me a few toys which is probably the only reason we didn’t come to blows. I was on a job supposedly body guarding this ugly sob with a personality that would bring out the fight or flight response in anyone. After a night of club hopping he pulled me aside and , in a Star Wars impersonation, told me he was my father. As one could probably guess the conversation was a rough one, but eventually I believed him and stepped into a world I had never known existed, yet I was excited to explore.

Timothy Tamashi Dorodo

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