James Folson

A loose canon, a true Scion of Loki; this barely contained madman could be the end of the world, or the beginning of a new one.


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Loki, God of Fire, Sworn Blood Brother to Odin escaped. As is the nature of the embodiment of chaos, it wants not to be chained. He entered the mortal world, disguised as a man. Frantic, he searched high and low, for what, we may never know; but he found Ella Mae Folson. For three weeks in the early months of 1981 they traveled together. Up and down the Pacific Coast Highway, stoned out of their minds in the middle of the Mojave, blitzed on Bourbon walking down the Sunset Strip. For Valentines day, Loki took her to Las Vegas, told her he was gonna make an honest woman of her one of those Elvis Chapels, but they never made it that far, they took a room at the 4 Queens and fucked like mad, then the next morning, Loki was gone…vanished, but he left behind a chunk of change, and a small silver medallion with a Flame upon it.

In mid-November 1981, Ella Mae found herself back in California, clutching the hand of an attendant nurse and cursing the man she knew as Tom; and that’s how Loki’s gift came to be born. She named him James, after a popular science fiction character.

Through his formative years Ella Mae traveled a lot, though by the time he’d hit Middle School, she’d settled a short drive from Boston, MA. She found whatever work she could, though, the money Loki had left really was a decent starting foundation for a reasonable life. On his 16th Birthday, Ella Mae gave James the Silver Medallion his father had left her. A few days later, a bum on the street asked, “Hey Kid, got a quarter?” James ignored him at first, but the bum got up, staggered over to him and put an arm around his shoulders. James, having studied Ju Jitsu, dropped into a defensive stance, but suddenly paused…something was different…somehow right. In the man’s eyes, James saw the reflection of the flame pendant, and the flames seemed to flicker in the reflection. Staring into the man’s eyes, James was suddenly overcome, as Loki, God of Fire, revealed James’ true nature to him.

Suddenly the awkward, geeky boy gained a sense of poise and charismatic charm that made him very popular. He started to gain friends and allies that would stick by him through thick and thin. The man could get away with anything, and frequently did. All the while, he’d been working on martial arts training, getting stronger, more agile. By his Mid 20s this dashing fellow was the soul of wit, and hewn of iron.

Nothing can stop him now.

James Folson

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