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This thing is going to be bare bones for a while so I can collect stuff and get stuff rolling.

House Rules

  • Perception and Epic Perception will add to Firearms damage as Strength and Epic Strength adds to everything else. This is to account for the fact that later on, Firearms become nearly useless as they are fixed damage. Thus it is possible for a Scion of The Morrigan with the right knacks and epic strength can punch someone and do more damage than a Scion of Ares can do with the equal amount of Epic Dexterity.
  • All Published Pantheons are allowed. This includes the Allied and American Pantheons from the “World At War” section of the Companion.
  • Raising Legend does not cost XP. Instead, it will be decided by the ST when the Scions have spread their Tale enough and done enough amazing deeds as to raise their Legend. Also helps free up XP for crunchy bits later

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  • It has various tools and collects all the Knacks, Boons, Spells, Equipment, Creation Rules, Tables, Derived Values etc in one place!

Main Page

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