The Apocalypse Option

Fun Ruined

Tim's Point of View

So I was jamming out to some music while driving when i see some lame titan spawn destroying the town i was passing through. Not being one to let the spawn live longer than they need to i felt happy to stop and help them into their graves. Jumping directly into the center so i could just shoot anywhere and hit something i proceeded to kill everything.

next thing i know some spartan shield bashes one of these fools across the street. Not to be out done i took said fool out before he hit the ground. This other dude was flying around on the roof tops playing like hes the comic book hero “Arrow” killed about as many as i did so ill give him props. (even if hes using a bow).

But yeah so next thing i know i get shot. I mean seriously? So i stared him into submission and helped him commit suicide. Needless to say the spawn all died after a the spartan held a rodeo then practically decapitated the cow.

So yeah after all that some other spawn show up with a posse behind them and i get ready for some more fun, except now this spartan starts giving a long ass speech.. Being who i am i i got bored with the chatting and decided to change my music up a little. after a few minutes i guess the conversation came to an end because the talking spawn launched a grenade at us.



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